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Vehicle Owners


Your Car...Their Ads...Your Earnings.

We live, we drive. A pleasure for some and a necessity for others. Think about it... Like it or not, we do drive quite a bit. Put your time on road and the money spent on fuel to good use earn it back.

 Businesses are constantly looking for more affodrable ways to reach thier audience and you have the tool to offer them exactly what they want. Reap in the benefits by displaying marketing messages and advertising campaigns on your car and get paid to carry the message around on your car.




  • You are in charge of pitching your vehicle
  • You decide if you want to endorse a campaign
  • No upfront fees, no registration charges
  • Deal with the decision makers directly
  • Your one of a kind car will get attention anywhere you go
  • Who wants to steal a car with such high notice-ability?
  • Protect you paintwork with a removeable wrap
  • Create an additional income stream and earnings



  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Hold a valid current drivers license
  • Well maintained vehicle with all necessary paperwork
  • Must own and/or be authorised to drive the vehicle you list
  • Wiling to make the vehicle available for inspection and installation
  • Willing to maintain odometer reading and have GPS installed to provide travel data
  • No at fault accident, speeding or drink and drive incidents in the past 12 months
  • Ready to enjoy the extra money and proud to display the advertisers message


Get paid to drive your own car

Affordable & customizable carvertising

Create exciting wraps for advertisers.

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